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Kiss me goodbye, I'm defying gravity, and you can't bring me down

Can't I make you understand? You're having delusions of grandeur...

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The Wicked Witch
4 September 1987
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Sing you fools, but you got it wrong, enjoy your prayers because you haven't got long, your queen is dead, your king is through, she's not coming back to you. Show business kept us all alive since 17 October 1945 but the star is gone, the glamour's worn thin, that's a pretty bad state for a state to be in...Instead of government we had a stage, instead of ideas the prima donna's rage, instead of help we were given a crowd, she didn't say much but she said it loud. And who am I, who dares to keep his head held high while millions weep, why the exception to the rule, opportunist, traitor, fool? Or just a man who grew and saw from 17 to 24, his country blend, crucified, she's not the only one who died! SING YOU FOOLS but you got it wrong, enjoy your prayers because you haven't got long, your queen is dead, your king is through, she's not coming back to you!!!

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